Why should I take on this Training?

Maybe at this point you are wondering why you should make this
time - resource investment towards your education on becoming a certified yoga teacher.

These are some of the common places people came from before they decided
to make this commitment and life changing experience:

  • Feeling Uncertain about life purpose
  • Feeling Stuck or Unmotivated
  • Feeling Out of Touch with Physical Body
  • Feeling Called for new Direction or Chapter
  • Curious about New Cultures & Practices
  • Aspiring optimal Health and a Daily Routine

Become an Andean Yogi


Teacher Trainings




We’ll Help You Create Your Own Flow, Style & Presence!

A Hatha Vinyasa practice inspired by the three worlds of the Andean Cosmovision, where you will develop your own practice and the gift of sharing it with others.

Become an Andean Yogi

The course consists of three parts. Every week is related to another world of the Andean Cosmovision and their respective energies. 


In this first week, we give thanks and ask for blessings to enter this journey and participate in a Despacho Ceremony. A local shaman or Qero leads the offering to Mother Earth, also taking the opportunity to connect with our intention through the spirit of the Coca Leaf or Kintu.

We will study the different seated postures and a unique sequencing designed to warm up the spine and open the hips, chest, and shoulders. On the theoretical aspect of the practice, we will dive into the understanding of Yoga, its origins, development across time, the different schools, and their diverse proposals as a means of purification and achieving a deep connection and oneness.

We close our first week by connecting with a native American practice known as Temaskal or Sweatlodge, which essence is to connect our prayers with the heart of Mother Earth.


Learn a Basic Routine : Week 1

Learn a basic and effective way to share a chest and hip opening practice, introducing yogic breathing and  proper alignment through each pose.

You will also learn about word economy, intonation, getting to know your students and how to cater to all their different needs.


We start our second week connecting with the teachings of the here and now, exploring the purpose and direction of our lives. We honor our personal experience and the capacity to share it with those we love. We will visit a local community and share the teachings of the Andean Cosmovision, related to the fantastic locals who have kept their traditions with a sense of gratitude and reciprocity.

On the asana portion of the practice, we will study the standing postures, explore vinyasa's nature, and connect our creative power to bring together different poses through dynamic and cohesive sequencing. 

We will study the most relevant yoga literature in the philosophy classes, such as the Bhagavad Gita and The Patanjali Sutras. We will close the week with a spiritual pilgrimage to a sacred site around the area, where we will share a San Pedro Ceremony and put everything you have learned into practice.

Create your own sequence : week 2

On this portion of the practice you will use your creative power to 

craft your own authentic offering with the assistance of our vinyasa teacher who will provide teaching material, explaining the different groups of asanas and the way how to create a unique flow in which you can link a wide range of postures, with proper alignment and awareness of the breath. This week you will also learn about yoga anatomy and receive a coaching session as on how to integrate all the different aspects in the wide spectrum of our lives.  


In our last week, we will transcend the conception and attachment of our identity. Learning how to see through the eyes of others and everything that surrounds us. We will contemplate that we are supposed to give back all that has been given. And that our soul's true purpose is to serve others.

We will revise Buddhist philosophy, the Ayurvedic Constitution, and the energetic body composed of the seven chakras. In practice, we will explore back-bendings and inversions, enabling the capacity within us to see things from a different perspective. We will take part in an ancestral sound healing journey and an Agni Hotra or Vedic fire ceremony for our graduation ceremony.


Beyond the Practice : week 3

On the last section of our program we provide the experiences leading towards a well rounded practice, tapping into the nature of inversions, back bendings and restorative postures. We focus on the energetic aspect of the practice to understand the subtleties of our body, learning the different techniques to provide a sense of completion and liberation. This week we learn about Chakras, Ayurveda, Thai Massage and Yoga Nidra.  

Become an Andean Yogi

What You'll Experience and Learn



  • Andean School of Yoga

    “This has been truly a one of a kind experience. You can never fully apprehend every detail of a Yoga teacher Training. It is highly contingent upon your prayers and the things you can control like your basic necessities. I knew that I wanted a natural setting, affordable cost, a clean living area, a dedicated teacher, and I wanted to bring back teaching tools with me. I knew that I wanted to have a deeply immersive experience in the culture and way of yogic living, not just a western approach on how to teach Yoga. This Yoga Teacher Training met all of those requirements and more. If you take this 200 Hour YTT, you will be extremely satisfied. One of the most impressive parts of this training was the teacher. Day, the guide for your journey, is not only extremely knowledgeable, but extremely humble as well. He keeps the space for learning very pure. He is funny, approachable, and aware. The classes are very engaging, as is the itinerary. He keeps the schedule oscillating around a central them of the Andean Cosmovision. What the heck is that you might be wondering. Well, to keep it short, the three worlds of the Incan Culture easily relates to the system off the chakras, Vedic Philosophy, Buddhist principles, Patanjali's Yoga Sutra's and other systems of thought. He has a clever way of tying many concepts together that any seeker of the Truth will drink up like juicy nectar. Something to be aware of: the altitude is very high and you must look out for your health.”

  • Andean School of Yoga

    “Andean Yoga is more than just yoga. This gem of a school in the middle of the Sacred Valley came on my path at exactly the right time. After some time working with Amazonian plant medicines, I was looking for ways to get more connected to my body; to ground, strengthen my vessel, and learn how to honor the intelligence within to truly nourish my self.

    Daya is truly a master spaceholder. The training was 3 in 1 yoga, plant medicine and deep communal healing. The cacao ceremonies, Kirtan singing, and home-cooked food by two amazing soul sisters... The amazing guest speakers and teachers, all with such blessed gifts... And the legendary Huachuma hike that tops the list of the single most magical experiences of my life. By the end of the training, we not only learned the philosophy of yoga as a way of honouring life and fostering commitment to self, other and love... But forged lasting bonds as a soul family. Forever grateful to Daya, Pati, Jordy, Juani, Prem and all the other beautiful facilitators of this sacred container of healing and evolution.The integration of all the wisdom and teachings I received continues to this day. I will carry the memories with me forever on my path. 🙏🏻❤️”

  • Andean School of Yoga

    “Life Changing Experience.
    The past 3 weeks with Daya, his crew, and the rest of the students were completely transformational! My favorite part of the program was the wide array of different activities, expert teachers, and workshops. This isn't only a training where you will learn yoga Asanas, but you will truly emerge in the life practice of yoga, Andean culture, visit many different temples and communities, build long-lasting friendships, and most importantly, deeply connect with your truest essence. Some of my favorite activities in this training were the daily Pranayama classes, the fresh vegan food, ecstatic dance, daily singing and mantra chanting, and the sharing/reflection circles. I walk away full of gratitude, memories, and excited for what's next! Thank you ❤️”

Our Program


When you arrive at the Sacred Valley, the best thing you can do is to introduce yourself to the spirits of the Land. This ancient practice is an invitation to participate and merge with these energies in order to carry out our healing journey.

The Despacho is a special arrangement of grains and candies, along with coca leaves in order to show our appreciation for everything we have received.

There are different kinds of offerings, but the most traditional one is designed to ask for permission from Pachamama (Mother Earth) and protection from the Apus ( Mountain Spirit).

The special bundle which is carefully elaborated with the help of ya local shaman is sealed and then offered as a gift, by being burned in the fire until the offering is consumed and therefore well received.



Is a Native American practice that extends through the North and now fulfils the prophecy of the eagle of the cóndor, by arriving here to heal people living and traveling down south.

The Temaskal is one of the seven medicines brought by the mythological character known as the White Buffalo Calf Woman.

In this ceremony, we go into the Inipi, which represents the belly of Mother Earth.

Red volcanic stones come into the sweat lodge, to bring heat and blessings from our ancestors, putting us in the position to appreciate water, air, light, and the freedom to roam free in this world.

During the ceremony, we pray to the four directions, spirit animals, and the different stages of life. Singing Drum is the instrument through which these prayers are carried using native songs that have been passed on from generation to generation.


The preparation of this ceremony involves the preparation of a thick paste of cacao and coconut milk to reach a high-grade brew that activates the component known as theobromine in our bodies which expands our heart energy, opens the voice, and increases our awareness.

We combine this medicine with the Hindu - Bhakti tradition known as Kirtan, where we engage ourselves in devotional collective singing through the repetition of Mantras, engaging in deeper knowledge and understanding of the different aspects of the divinity



The San Pedro or Huachuma is a native cactus, which acts as a powerful medicine plant that expands our consciousness.

Our medicine journeys combine the traditions of Native American Teachings and rituals from the Andean Cosmovision.

These ceremonies help us connect with our true nature and enhance our relationship with Mother Earth, Pachamama 

By visiting these far-away Andean Communities, we help support their local economy, enabling them to keep up with their traditions and take care of their families and future generations.


Everything in this universe is in a state of vibration and so are our physical bodies. Through a worldwide collection of ancestral instruments which are carefully played and crafted throughout this ceremony, we can assist in the transmutation of our emotional body through sound.

Comfortably laying down on the ground, feeling warm and grounded, we are in the position to relax and receive this vibrational medicine which allows the mind to surrender and allow our inner waters to flow freely, letting go of resistance, judgment, or heavy thoughts coming from our psychic field of energy.



Our breath is the medicine. The vital force or prana running through our bodies, when properly guided has the power to heal and remove any stagnated energy.
The conscious activation of this breath and their corresponding air passages, not only brings fresh oxygen and rejuvenated energy into the pranic body but also can lead us to revealing altered states by which we can remove the underlying impression which rest in the dark corners of our unconscious mind.

Different symptoms arise such as currents of hot and cold bodily temperatures, tension and relaxation of muscular tissues, parasympathetic responses that allow ourselves to relax into a state of deep healing. This ceremony is held in the most whole hearted way with experimented therapist who guide and support you in every step of the process.

And so much more...

Giving Back

We link our project to the upkeep of local traditions in the Andean region, supporting projects which enhance the sustainability of their lineage, language, and practices.
Among our goals, we share the ambition to create a Quechua School, protect and clean Sacred Sites, develop sustainable tourism in the local areas we visit, and bring joy into the lives of children through artistic expression and creativity.


What Past Students Say...

  • Everything about this experience was spectacular- from the people, the activities, the location, facilities, and the love energy within everyone i met there. I am forever changed by this experience and the people and memories we made here with the internal spiritual healing and connection within ourselves healed us all as a community. I cant even begin to describe how much gratitude i have for this experience and who it has made me. I have so much love and appreciation for whatever guided me to this retreat. David and Frankie are beautiful souls with good intentions and i thank them for providing the space and intention for so much healing and clarity that has the potential to heal the world.

    Jade Dinh

  • The overall organization and thoughtfulness that was put into planning and executing this retreat was top notch! It was an extremely welcoming and safe environment. The location was stunning and the team of people working this retreat were all unique and phenomenal in their own way, which created the most uplifting and positively beautiful experience. For someone who was new to retreats and yoga, the team made sure I was well taken care of and comfortable in every way. I can not say enough good things about this retreat as a whole! Thank you for a life changing experience!

    Kate Baptista

  • The whole retreat was incredible and I’m still feeling the effects of it today! It’s been about 2 weeks and I feel completely transformed by the experience. The group I was with were absolutely amazing! The food was incredible and super healthy. The space they created for us left us all feeling vulnerable and energized. I especially loved our dance party that was just a beautiful experience with the sunset. The “guardians” that participated on the trip also taught me so much, with life coaching, tarot readings, etc. Overall I wouldn’t have wanted to spend my NYE anywhere else - I feel energized and recharged to make difficult changes this year!

    Nicole Tishbi

  • The Andean Yoga Teacher Training is more than just a YTT, it’s an experience. You will get to immersed nature, explore beautiful surroundings and listen to the Sacred Valley mountains as they speak to you. Daya and Pati surrounded us with so much love and care. Rafaella provided beautiful and diversified food every day. We participated in Kirtan, Temazcal and Huachuma ceremonies and transformative breathwork. We sang mantras and andean songs daily connecting us with our true inner light. The training was life transforming and if you want to enhance your life I strongly encourage you to come to Pisac and join the training!

    Anna Dudzinka

  • Andean School of Yoga

    “The best retreat in the Valley. Our instructor and staff went above and beyond in every aspect of the retreat. Everything was well planned and organized, and the staff was able to quickly adjust for anything that came up. Our instructor/organizer is a pillar in the Sacred Valley community which he humbly leveraged to provide subject matter experts in every aspect of our training. Every experience was authentic and memorable! No pictures can give justice to the beauty of the Sacred Valley, it took my breath away every single day. Pisac and ALMOST everything you need is walking distance! The physical instruction was easy to follow and digest but still challenged us all to improve our own practices. We also received consistent guidance on how to lead others as future yoga instructors. Whether you choose a single room or a shared room the accommodations are top notch, my room was BEAUTIFUL! Our chef beamed with pride (rightfully so) every time she laid out our meals. I am not vegetarian/vegan and I still feel those were some of the best meals that I’ve ever had. The food was a perfect balance of 5-star and family style meals.”

  • Andean School of Yoga

    “ Andean yoga teacher training was some of the most enriching, soul satisfying, loving, transformative 3 weeks of my life. From the moment I stepped foot in the scenic and beautiful village of Pisaq, I knew I had made the right choice. The accommodations were so so lovely, and from the first night I slept here, I felt so much peace in the air. The Sacred Valley, surrounded my mountains on all side, with a beautiful river crossing through, is a magical place for travelers with a brave and open heart. This place has seemingly been shielded from the chaos of the world, and offers a sacred healing energy for all who come. The training itself went beyond my expectations. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to have had my consciousness consistently expanded by every lecture, vinyasa, pranayama, and activity. Daya is an amazing teacher. As a former Hare Krishna, he was able to share so much with us during our yoga philosophy classes. He made each class interesting, memorable, and profound, and what’s more, he made each student feel special and capable. I am grateful to have attended this yoga teacher training. I have experienced much love and friendship from all the fellow students-my new brothers and sisters. I will always carry this beautiful community in my heart, muchos gracias”

  • Andean School of Yoga

    “ This retreat was more than I had expected. The land is beautiful, the food was incredible, the yoga, meditation, and sound healing was thoughtfully organized. There was plenty of space to seek alone time or to bond and connect within the retreat community. Most of all, Frankie and David are earth angels and poured their heart and soul into making each and every one of us feel seen, welcome, and safe. They are filled with light and so much love and the experience as a whole was truly magical and transformational in more than one way. I feel blessed to have spent the new year with them and the beautiful community that formed through their efforts. I will happily be staying in touch with the beautiful soul family that organically blossomed, and I look forward to going back and incorporating retreats like these into my wellness routine. Much love to Frankie, David, and the entire team! Thank you so very much for helping me return to my center and turning into my inner voice with greater confidence.”


Whether you are still debating taking on this journey or have already booked a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to transform your practice, here are some guidelines and frequent questions our previous students once asked.

This teacher training is for anyone who wants to learn a basic sequence and absorb the central teachings on yoga philosophy and Andean cosmovision.

You don't need previous experience; we will go step by step and guide you through the whole process. We have a teaching methodology that makes it easy to learn how to teach and practice safely progressively.

Most people, believe it or not, come for the course's transformational experience; many don't even register for Yoga Alliance. It is excellent if you just want to establish a daily routine, travel abroad, meet a thriving community of like-minded people, and learn from a new culture.

Yes, you'll have some free time daily and two resting days during our 22-day yoga experience. You are typically free every day after 6 pm unless you have homework or a personal assignment. At the end of every week, there is an entire day for you to catch up with any individual tasks. Otherwise and mostly, we recommend these days for resting and getting to know our beautiful local town and its people.

We will share vegetarian meals with vegan and gluten-free options during our course.

We can cater to any diet specification or food allergies. We use high-quality and locally grown products from around the area and are blessed to have a fantastic cooking team. 

We will be staying at IntiKilla Retreat Center, a beautiful homestay with great mountain views on the outskirts of Pisac. We are situated in a private residential area, within walking distance from the center. We will be doing our practice and having our meals here.

When the house is full, we share our overflow with our neighboring retreat, Paz y Luz healing center. It's right next to the place where our program and activities are being held. 

During your stay with us, you will have access to wifi, gas heater showers, laundry service, tea station, fruit basket, additional holistic services upon request, and airport pickup.

Yes, once you have successfully completed our – 200-hour program, you will be encouraged to join the yoga alliance web page. Once you register and become a member, you will have only to submit your certificate, and we will confirm promptly upon receiving it.

  • Warm Layers
  • Water bottle
  • Notebook and Pen
  • Sunblock
  • Bathing suit and towel
  • Backpack
  • Hiking shoes
  • Appropriate Yoga Clothing 
  • Hat

We recommend coming at least one day before the training and leaving on the same day at the end of the course unless you have more vacation time and would like to enjoy all the other amazing things to do around the Sacred Valley and the Cuzco area. We can recommend places and connect you with different tour operators.

After the completion of the course, we can recommend visiting beautiful hot springs in Lares and mystical mountains such as Ausangate and Rainbow mountain. You can also book your Machu Pichu journey with us. We will immediately put you in contact with our tour operator.

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