Embark on a unique and transformational journey in the heart of the Andes with our Andean Yoga Teacher Training Course.

This Winter Solstice edition promises to be an unforgettable experience, featuring an exciting collaboration with Ann Averbach, founder of Divinitree Yoga, as our main vinyasa teacher. Ann will be sharing her expertise in powerful and creative vinyasa sequencing that will take your practice to the next level.

In addition, we are thrilled to welcome back Jordy Jaarsma, our former and most experienced pranayama and meditation teacher, all the way from the Netherlands. 
Jordy will be sharing his insights on the internal practices of yoga and innovative ways to share your offering in the modern world through a series of coaching sessions and soulful solution workshops.

Founder Daya Nimai Das will also be present to introduce you to the mystical teachings of the Andean Cosmovision, the intricate details behind yoga philosophy, and his unique blend of hatha yoga practice and teachings.

But that's not all! 

Our program goes beyond the traditional teacher training course. You'll be fully immersed in daily mantra singing, yoga journaling, walks in nature, and engaging experiences like the Native American Sweatlodge, San Pedro Ceremony, Offerings to Mother Earth, Breathwork Practices, and Gong Baths. Plus, you'll meet a well-rounded staff of holistic practitioners who will support your growth and transformation.

Upon completion of the program, you'll leave feeling confident about your practice and equipped to teach a basic routine. You'll also have access to numerous references to continue expanding your studies, and a supportive community of fellow yogis on the same path of growth and transformation. Don't miss this opportunity to start your own yogic path and holistic lifestyle with Andean Yoga.

As part of your final assignment

Let's Make a Yoga Festival!

As part of your final assignment, you will join forces with our team to organize a two-day International Yoga Festival. 

The festival will showcase the skills you acquire during our teacher training, such as Andean cosmovision, herbalism, plant medicine, pranayama, Ayurveda, Thai massage, karma yoga, and various yoga styles like Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative, Yin, Kundalini, and Yoga Nidra.

Not only will this be a great opportunity to experience the creative power of manifestation, but it will also serve as a fundraiser for Ayllunchis, a local non-profit dedicated to preserving Andean culture and indigenous rights. Learn more about Ayllunchis at

Become Part of the Team and Co-Create Consciously!

Why Embark on this Journey?

Completing a 200-hour yoga teacher training is a significant achievement, but it's common to feel a lack of confidence when it comes to actually teaching. Some students may return to their regular lifestyle, while others may teach a few classes a week at a local studio or offer a limited number of online classes. However, pursuing further studies and earning a 300-hour or 500-hour Yoga Alliance certification can be a game-changer.

By taking on additional training, you can not only enhance your teaching skills and deepen your commitment to this path but also establish yourself as a qualified yoga teacher with the ability to create your own yoga school and community. This certification provides you with the skills and credentials needed to build a larger following that aligns with your sense of purpose and integrity in an authentic way.

With a 300-hour or 500-hour Yoga Alliance certification, you can run your own programs and choose different locations around the world to teach. This is the turning point where you no longer have to earn a fixed salary or hourly rate but become the creative force behind your own source of financial freedom. You'll be known for your unique transformative containers, which can lead to greater opportunities for collaborations and assisting others on their own projects.

If you're truly passionate about yoga and other healing modalities, pursuing further studies and earning your certification can help you turn your passion into a thriving career and lifestyle.

  • Deepen Your practice: This 300-hour yoga teacher training provides an opportunity for you to delve deeper into the practice of yoga, exploring advanced asanas, pranayama, meditation, and other elements of the yoga tradition.
  • Build knowledge and skills: You will gain a deeper understanding of yoga philosophy, anatomy, sequencing, and teaching methodology, enabling you to become more confident and effective yoga instructor.
  • Meet like-minded people: Connect with others who share their passion for yoga and personal growth, creating a supportive community that can last a lifetime.
  • Expand their teaching repertoire: With exposure to a variety of yoga styles and practices, you can broaden your teaching skills and repertoire, making you a more versatile and effective instructor.
  • Explore new perspectives: We incorporate teachings from diverse traditions and cultures, providing you with opportunities to explore new perspectives and deepen their understanding of the world around you.
  • Embark on a personal journey: This can be a transformative personal journey, helping you to overcome obstacles, deepen your self-awareness, and live a more fulfilling life.
  • Gain certification: Completing a 300-hour program can lead to certification as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance, enhancing your credibility as a yoga instructor and making you eligible for teaching and training opportunities worldwide.
  • Give back to the community: We incorporate opportunities to volunteer, fundraise, or support local charitable organizations, providing you with a chance to give back to the community and make a positive impact on the world around you.
Are you ready to come on an adventure, take your yoga practice to the next level, and immerse yourself in the true teachings of Yoga? 

The 300 hour Andean Yoga Teacher Training focuses on learning intelligent sequencing and how to create theme based, peak pose, and well rounded classes.  We offer a thorough introduction to the eight limbs of yoga.

Become an Andean Yogi

Our Program: The Medicine Wheel and the Four Directions

The medicine wheel is an ancient map that points to the directions and the energy they carry. Each direction has its own medicine, which, when combined in the right proportions, brings balance, clarity, and empowerment to our lives.

During our 4-week training, we will explore the four directions and their themes:

Week 1 – South - Earth - Emotional Body - Connection to Home and Birth - Community

We honor our roots, get to know Andean communities, put our hands back on the earth, and perform internal hatha yoga practices to clean and purify our bodies.


Week 2 - East - Fire - Spiritual Body - Connection to Purpose and Divinity - Inspiration

Aligned with the direction where the sun rises, we awaken our will to celebrate life through movement and embody ancient teachings such as chakras and Ayurveda in our asana practice.

Week 3 - West - Water - Physical Body - Connection to Freedom and Creativity - Manifestation

This is the time to materialize our inspiration from the previous weeks and create our unique offering. We actualize spirituality and service into a practical and sustainable way of living in this modern world by grounding our business model within the yoga industry.


Week 4 - North - Air - Mind - Body Beyond Limitations - Connection to Our True Potential - Healing

In this final week, we overcome limitations and learn how to heal ourselves and others through restorative yoga, qi gong, Thai massage, yoga nidra, breathwork, and teachings from Buddhist, Tantric, and shamanic practices.

What You'll Experience and Learn


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Some of Our Activities


When you arrive at the Sacred Valley, the best thing you can do is to introduce yourself to the spirits of the Land. This ancient practice is an invitation to participate and merge with these energies in order to carry out our healing journey.

The Despacho is a special arrangement of grains and candies, along with coca leaves in order to show our appreciation for everything we have received.

There are different kinds of offerings, but the most traditional one is designed to ask for permission from Pachamama (Mother Earth) and protection from the Apus ( Mountain Spirit).

The special bundle which is carefully elaborated with the help of ya local shaman is sealed and then offered as a gift, by being burned in the fire until the offering is consumed and therefore well received.



Is a Native American practice that extends through the North and now fulfils the prophecy of the eagle of the cóndor, by arriving here to heal people living and traveling down south.

The Temaskal is one of the seven medicines brought by the mythological character known as the White Buffalo Calf Woman.

In this ceremony, we go into the Inipi, which represents the belly of Mother Earth.

Red volcanic stones come into the sweat lodge, to bring heat and blessings from our ancestors, putting us in the position to appreciate water, air, light, and the freedom to roam free in this world.

During the ceremony, we pray to the four directions, spirit animals, and the different stages of life. Singing Drum is the instrument through which these prayers are carried using native songs that have been passed on from generation to generation.


The preparation of this ceremony involves the preparation of a thick paste of cacao and coconut milk to reach a high-grade brew that activates the component known as theobromine in our bodies which expands our heart energy, opens the voice, and increases our awareness.

We combine this medicine with the Hindu - Bhakti tradition known as Kirtan, where we engage ourselves in devotional collective singing through the repetition of Mantras, engaging in deeper knowledge and understanding of the different aspects of the divinity



The San Pedro or Huachuma is a native cactus, which acts as a powerful medicine plant that expands our consciousness.

Our medicine journeys combine the traditions of Native American Teachings and rituals from the Andean Cosmovision.

These ceremonies help us connect with our true nature and enhance our relationship with Mother Earth, Pachamama 

By visiting these far-away Andean Communities, we help support their local economy, enabling them to keep up with their traditions and take care of their families and future generations.


Everything in this universe is in a state of vibration and so are our physical bodies. Through a worldwide collection of ancestral instruments which are carefully played and crafted throughout this ceremony, we can assist in the transmutation of our emotional body through sound.

Comfortably laying down on the ground, feeling warm and grounded, we are in the position to relax and receive this vibrational medicine which allows the mind to surrender and allow our inner waters to flow freely, letting go of resistance, judgment, or heavy thoughts coming from our psychic field of energy.


Advanced Pranayama

In this module, we will delve deeper into the practice of pranayama, exploring a variety of techniques including different ratios, a range of Kumbhakas, retentions before and after the inhale and exhale. We will also introduce you to modern currents of Breathwork, such as the Wim Hof method, holotropic breathing, emotional release containers, and rebirthing processes.

Advanced Anatomy

In our previous modules, we focused on identifying the main muscle chains involved in yoga practice and studying the different kinds of joints in our body. Now, we will explore the importance of muscle building and tissue regeneration, as well as how to overcome common injuries. You will also gain a better understanding of sports science and balanced nutrition.


Andean Workshops

We offer three different workshops on Andean Lifestyle and Cosmovision. The first workshop covers the history and main features of pre-Incan cultures, including their geographical locations, cultural expressions, and contributions to the creation of the main pan-Andean civilization. The second workshop focuses on understanding the way the ancestors of this land perceived the world around them through the semantic study of their own native language. The last workshop includes a field trip to a local community, where we will learn about herbal medicine, textile-making, agricultural practices, and eco-building systems.

Hatha Pradipika Cleansing

In this module, we will focus on the ancient practice of Shatkarma and its six different kriyas, including Neti, Nauli, Trattaka, and Kapala Bhati. These practices are designed to cleanse and purify our nadis, restoring balance to our physical and energetic bodies.


Thai Massage Workshop

You will learn a step-by-step introduction to a basic 90-minute Thai massage practice, gaining a deeper understanding of the meridians, organs, and emotions attached to them. You will receive a detailed manual with all instructions, allowing you to continue practicing in the future until you have fully incorporated the technique.

The Business of Yoga

This module provides an opportunity to turn your spiritual practice into a successful presence within the modern yoga industry. With the assistance of a business coach, you will develop your branding, program content, pricing, online platforms, and marketing techniques.

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Conscious Yoga Festival

As part of our commitment to going beyond your regular teacher training programs, we will co-create an international yoga medicine festival with the participation of world-class teachers and musicians. The profits from this project will go entirely toward a native cultural preservation organization.

Visit the website to learn more about our program and register today.

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Giving Back

We link our project to the upkeep of local traditions in the Andean region, supporting projects which enhance the sustainability of their lineage, language, and practices.
Among our goals, we share the ambition to create a Quechua School, protect and clean Sacred Sites, develop sustainable tourism in the local areas we visit, and bring joy into the lives of children through artistic expression and creativity.

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Hear it from past students

  • Andean School of Yoga

    “I didn't expect anything from the training so I could just follow the flow. And what a flow ! The place is beautiful and very typical. Comfortable bedroom with a beautiful view of the sacred valley. Short walk from the city (and Pisac is such a special place). The food is local and so so good, fully vegetarian. The yoga studio is luminous and surrounded by those specials mountains. Be prepared, the training is intense but so well balanced between theory and practice. The Andean yoga style from Daya is very vibrating ! The balance of the Andean Cosmovision and the Indian philosophy is perfect too. You will learn so much from those beautiful cultures. The morning meditation and soft Pranayama practice also is so uplifting. But what you will learn the most is yourself. Daya brings you so deep within your past, present and future. Just make sure you are ready for that. Mostly during the Huachuma ceremony. It's quite intense. In conclusion, Andean Training Yoga School is life changing. Keep everything you can from this journey and spread it to the world.”


  • Andean School of Yoga

    “For me it was an intense, insightful & ambivalent experience"
    I really liked the Andean and vinyasa yoga class and think that both Daya and Pati are talented, open-hearted and experienced Yogateachers, who can support and guide you on your journey of becoming a mindful yoga teacher. Daya shares authentically his own journey and can teach the yoga philosophy and all its important ingredients in an understandable and enjoyable way (thereby sharing his own path including his time as a Hari Krishna monk). Into all that he is integrating the concept of the andean cosmovision and offers a unique opportunity to both learn and experience the 3 different worlds and energies of the andean philosophy. I learned a lot from Pati, who shows you how to teach vinyasa in a soft, gentle and encouraging way and I would have loved to spend more time on that during the training. I liked the daily mantra singing, the pranayama in the morning and the variety of different classes ranging from Ayurveda, Kundalini, Acro and Yin yoga to experiencing sound healing and Thai massage. I really enjoyed the cacao ceremony and the silent walk through the nearby eucalyptus forest. Different teachers including indegenious people were invited and shared ancient concepts, the Quechua language, ceremonies and native instruments, providing an authentic experience connected to nature and the Inka culture. All this happens in a beautiful and peaceful surrounding of the sacred valley in Pisac.”

  • Andean School of Yoga

    “"The Andean School of Yoga is a life changing experience."
    The Andean School of Yoga is a life changing experience. Set against a beautiful backdrop of the Sacred Valley of Peru, the Andean School of Yoga combines yoga, learning, healthy eating, sharing and singing with the tranquil beauty of the Andes. Each and every lesson is carefully crafted as a celebration of what it means to be human - and of the journey of finding the true nature of our selves. Daya Nimai Das is a teacher like no other. His knowledge on the practices is timeless understanding for all who are dedicated to living their lives with simplicity, grace, and peace. I will always look forward to Daya’s dynamic, authentic and effortless sharing of the Andean and yogic traditions with anyone who will sit with an open heart waiting to be inspired. I'm so extremely happy I decided to join this training - please consider joining this program if, like me, you're looking to better yourself and the way you look the world in a deeply transformative way.”

    Former Tech CEO, Researcher

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