From April 8th to 18th 2024, come and join us in the Sacred Valley of Peru


Wari in the quechua language refers not only to a legendary groups of pre- Incan warriors, but also as an inclusive term for people who are about to awaken.

It is often related to Wiracocha or the the “god of the staffs” where he is symbolically depicted holding one staff on each hand representing the balance and equilibrium of duality, as a supreme state of consciousness.

This retreat has been designed to cut and remove old patterns and limiting beliefs, empowering you with a new set of tools that will help you pierce through the illusion of this modern world and our own ego based personality.

Come and meet our special hosts and retreat leaders:

Daya Nimai Das, founder of the Andean School of Yoga, plant medicine and native ritual ceremonialist .

Mary Sky, Medicine Women, Holotropic Breathwork Guide and Tibetan Bon Practitioner.

Mother Earth Offering
Kinsa Cocha Hike
Ausangate Pilgrimage
Cacao Ceremony

Tibetan Yoga
Buddhist Meditation
Traditional Hatha
Holotropic Breathwork

Together we are offering 2 Huachuma ceremonies, Trekking, Temazcal, Tibetan Yoga, Andean Cosmovision, Despacho, Kirtan and more.

This is a special offering for those who wish to deepen their relationship with the Master Teacher Huachuma. The following is a guide as to how the days will look. We will Hike in the Sacred mountains of the Ausangate, hike to Kinca Cocche. Spending days nestled in the arms of the Apus, the sacred mountains of the Valley. Nestled in the womb of the Great Mother. Bring your worries, your woes, these elements in yourself that no longer serves. Things that you wish to receive clarity on and assistance in letting go. Daya and I will travel with you step by step, welcoming all that you are, both shadow and light.

We will stay in the beautiful Melissa Wasi, just outside of the village of Pisac, where the peace and quiet will be welcome to assist in our integration of our experiences. The Valley itself holds magical healing energies. You will be held and nourished with good, clean food and water, fresh mountain air. The elements of the Mother caressing you as you acclimatise to the altitude, deepening your breath and welcoming life into each cell and organ, your blood and bones of this magical mandala that is your very own body.



Monday 8th;

Despacho welcoming ceremony

Acclimatising. Walk to Pisac Village.

Tuesday 9th;

10am; Intro to Andean Cosmovision

3pm /5pm; Huachuma w/shop. Meet the medicine.

Followed by Tibetan yogas and Dinner.

Wednesday 10th;

Huachuma Ceremony at Kinsa Cocha Lake.

7pm that evening we gather together to share food.

Thursday 11th;

11am; Integration circle after breakfast.

4pm; Massage/healing sessions. Private. At your own discretion and expense.

Friday 12th;

This will be a day for hiking the local Pisac ruins or visiting Cuzco etc, As we choose as a group.

Saturday 13th;

Temascal plus time for massage etc

Sunday 14st;

A day for massages / treatments / Kirtan. Relax and rejuvenate.

Monday 15th;

3pm Depart to Ausangate Mountain.

2nd Huachuma ceremony

Tuesday 16th;

Return to Pisac, Melissa Wasi

Wednesday 17th;

Closing our program

Final Circle

Gong Bath.

Thursday 18th;

Check out of Melissa Wasi

Your journey includes your airport transfer on arrival, accommodation , food and medicine. Kirtan, Temascal, Despacho, Gong Bath, Huachuma workshop, Andean Cosmovision introduction talk etc.

Cost for your retreat is;

2260 Dollars Double Room shared

2660 Dollars Private Room

What’s not included is any extra treatments you might choose to have on the rest times . Information will be given as to what's available for you to choose from. Tibetan Yogas will be offered most days as part of the integration program (Included). Also the Andean Cosmovision is a beautiful philosophy that can assist with the integration process. There will be inquiry recommended and personal journaling spaces to assist in making the most of this precious time in the Sacred Valley and the Ausangate Mountain which is regarded as Peru’s most Sacred Mountain.

Shared Room


Private Room